About us

Fusion Magazine is a bi-annual publication that brings together the talented, inspirational, motivational and positive. We are an independent, national, print and online magazine. We are a platform to showcase contemporary and creative Ireland through fashion, film, music, art & culture, interviews, opinion pieces, travel and human interest features. We highlight the work of visual artists, writers, makers and creators – and we offer our reader an insight into current trends and styles of creative and contemporary Ireland while entertaining and inspiring them.

The ethos of Fusion Magazine is to create a luxury publication with a focus on artistic fashion, powerful editorial and timeless and international shaped lifestyle features. The team at Fusion Magazine work hard to create articles and photo-shoots where every detail is thought through from initial planning down to exact design of the pages. We work on creating our vision to give our subjects a platform that is considerate of their talent while honestly portraying the talent we surround ourselves with to bring Fusion Magazine to life. We aim to push the boundaries and not play it safe. We challenge ourselves so others can take incentive and inspiration from our pages. We aim to create a magazine that makes you feel something and that you will proudly display on your coffee table and enjoy looking through again and again.