Sea Sessions

Taking place in small town of Bundoran on the shores of the north-east of Ireland, Sea Sessions is the three-day long beach party that you can’t afford to miss out on. With this year’s lineup including Primal Scream, Tinie Tempah and Gavin James, the weekend of June 24th to 26th is sure to be one of the highlights of our summer. We recently caught up with Sea Sessions’ festival director Ray O’Donoghue to grab a quick insight into what is bound to be Sea Sessions best year to date.

How did you first get involved with Sea Sessions?
The festival started in 2008. I became involved booking music in 2010. From there I started booking the full festival and I became a partner in 2013. My background is music and I’ve been a promoter since the late nineties.


What can we expect from this year’s Sea Sessions?
An amazing line-up. Our best yet and the usual fun and frolics in Fundoran.

What makes Sea Sessions different from other festivals?
We’re all about the party. Sea Sessions is also about the beach vibe. We’ve got surfing competitions, BMX demos, our very own Skate ramp and of course loads of great music.

What else does Sea Sessions offer to festival goers outside of music?
Outside of surfing, beach sports and a skate ramp we have loads of really chilled friendly people.

What is the best thing about working at a music festival?
I’ve been working in music all my working life but running a festival is intense. People ask me during the weekend, “Are you happy?”. Happiness is one of the many emotions experienced during the weekend. The pressure can be high but I thrive on that and it usually all works out for the best.

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Any advice for first time festival goers?
Just enjoy yourself but don’t go too mental. It’s a marathon not a sprint! Get on to the festival site early there’s always loads of stuff happening.


SEA SESSION Surf Music Festival Bundoran, Co. Donegal – June 24-26, 2016.

Words – Orla Dallman
Images – Nicola Giuepie

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