Silent Noise Parade have only been together for a few short years but in that time they have played countless gigs and festivals, not to mention one of their newest songs “Fears” has been used in a Scandinavian advertising campaign. A band from Nenagh, they blasted onto the music scene with their upbeat “dark electro, synth pop”. They’ve had an amazing 2015 so far with much more in store. Olivia Chau sat down and chatted with the lads from the band about what lies ahead for them. 

Tell me about how Silent Noise Parade got together?

Silent Noise Parade came together from a side project Owen and Gary had been working on, we had no preconceived idea of what we were going to sound like, we just wanted to write something that was different than anything we had done before – it was all about experimenting with new techniques, instrumentation and ideas and seeing where we ended up.

We never planned on doing the live thing. The first album was written and released before we ever played a live gig, the ball started rolling once we got offered a slot at Castlepalooza. We had to get a live show together within a week, which was pretty much impossible as we discovered – we had never attempted the songs live before, but it did get the wheels in motion. It took a lot of work to get a live set together but eventually we got there. It was a big learning curve developing a system that works for us, incorporating both software and hardware in to a live set.

What was your first gig together?  

Our first gig together was upstairs in Dolans. We had just about figured out how to play our set live and were really hoping to, just about, pull off the gig without any hitches. It was an incredible first gig without any problems and the reaction we got was amazing. Hard to believe that was almost 3 years ago.

What was one of the best gigs you’ve ever played and what was the worst?

The best gig we ever played was probably at Electric Picnic 2014. We were on at 2.30 in the morning. It was pretty crazy with a packed venue full of lunatics, as you would imagine. It was the perfect audience for us –we didn’t want to leave the stage. As for the worst, I better not name any venues, but I do remember one of our early gigs we had a serious technology malfunction we couldn’t return from, early bugging problems that still haunt me to this day – it was painful. I remember a very quiet drive home.

You have a very different sound to a lot of bands out there at the moment, how would you describe your sound?

Firstly thank you! Our sound has been described as marrying both dark electro with synthpop. This is a fair description of our sound at the moment. Our latest release “Sirens” is melancholic musically and lyrically. With “Fears” the song is more on the pop side, but it’s still lyrically dark. The lyrics are definitely one of the main elements creating this darker tone to our sound. We write music that appeals to us, without worrying too much about what genre it falls into.

You seem to be having a busy summer so far, playing loads of festivals around the country. Are festivals something that you guys as a band enjoy doing?

We love festivals! We feel our music –and live set especially – is really suited towards festivals. Our set tends to really get the crowd going which is great, and seeing people dancing during our set in the mud and rain is something special.

You were nominated for a Pure M Magazine award for “Best Irish Act 2015” that must have been a really proud moment?

It is amazing for us to even be nominated for this award along with other brilliant Irish acts. It means a lot to us to be nominated for such an award and shows that all the rehearsals and long hours of travelling to play gigs etc. doesn’t go unnoticed, which is nice.

“Sirens” is your newest single out, can you tell me a bit about the writing and recording process for the single and is there an album in the pipeline?

“Sirens”­ – that was a tricky one. We ended up with a lot of different versions of that song before we settled on the final product. Between the writing, recording and mixing, then rewriting and so on, it got to that stage where it was hard to even be critical anymore. Most songs seem to get to that point before final production, it’s never an easy process. You get so close to the song that you eventually just have to abandon it and just go with your gut feeling and hopefully it lands with your audience. You can stay tweaking and changing things forever, but sometimes you just have to know when to stop. We kept the song fairly minimal, it’s easy to overcrowd a song – less is often more. We wanted to keep the attention on the lead vocals and the vocoder harmonies and let them shine through, and let the ambience and reverbs fill the mix. A lot of our songs would have a big sound, so it was nice to create something a little bit different and show a bit of contrast. We have plenty of material ready but our plan is to release an EP instead of an album. We are currently in the process of recording our next single titled “Berlin”, which we aim to have out before the end of the summer.

Finally, what has Silent Noise Parade have coming up for the rest of 2015?

A big priority for us is to start reaching an international audience as the reaction from different countries has been positive towards our sound. “Fears” was used on a big TV advertisement campaign in Scandinavia for a while, which was really cool and really helped get our music out to a larger audience. We are looking at a few international dates towards the end of the summer – there are a good few venues in London that have contacted us to play, which we will announce within the coming months. We also have a few other dates lined up that we can’t announce yet. Then the plan is to get the untitled EP finished and released by November 2015.

Words – Olivia Chau

Image – Tarmo Tulit –

Written by fusionmedia1