Glitzy, glamorous, gleaming… as a copywriter for a company (which shall remain nameless) that sells a lot of lower-end jewellery; I spend a good part of my day coming up with adjectives such as these to describe crystal encrusted pendants in the shape of dogs and other such questionable accessories. This has never dampened my enthusiasm for a proper bit of luxurious sparkle however, and December is my favourite month for indulging this penchant to the max. Christmas parties abound and the sequins come out to play.

A couple of years ago I interviewed the designer Ashish, who has featured sequins in every one of his London Fashion Week shows since he made his debut in 2004. He spoke about the hostile takeover of the sequin by lip-syncing girlbands, who have given it a bad name. His clothing proves, as do many of the pieces currently available on the high street, that sequins are bad-ass, attention grabbing, and a whole lot of fun to wear. If you have shied away from them until now, read on for a persuasive argument.

This winter, my favourite way to wear sequins is definitely, unashamedly, influenced by East London hipsters. House of Holland showed some amazing pieces, including a pink and red striped top positively dripping with paillettes (fun fact: I once passed Henry Holland in Shoreditch – he was coming out of the trendy supermarket I can’t afford to shop in, munching on crisps). It’s all about a loose fitting top positively dripping with sequins, paired with super tight, ripped jeans. And preferably a killer pair of heels.

If you’re looking for a more traditional way to wear them, I would still advise going for separates, mixing and matching is just that bit more interesting. A sequinned skirt with a band T-shirt or the aforementioned top with jeans is a versatile look. If you decide to go for a dress, go loose – think of a Kate Moss circa 1990’s slip dress as opposed to a prom dress shape (Taylor Swift has ruined the prom dress for everyone, it’s a sad fact).

December is definitely a month to let loose in, so why not try out some sequinned accessories (as long as they’re not dog-shaped pendants) too? In the month of over-indulgence, sequinned earrings are more than socially acceptable.

Age barriers need not be of concern either, especially when you mix a sequinned piece with something simple as mentioned above. Don’t discriminate against the sequin claiming mutton dressed as lamb, Tina Turner was making them cool before The Saturdays were born after all.

December is a time for over-indulgence, plain and simple, so that we can all have fun memories to look back on in January when we’re broke. Pull out the sequins along with the champagne, and embrace the festive mood.

Words – Laura Hastings

Photography – Tarmo Tulit

Model – Shauna Lindsay

Written by fusionmedia1