Day Job:

I don’t have one day job per se but many bits and pieces here and there. I present and produce my own music show on SPIN South West called ‘The Block’ every Saturday night from 10.45pm. I’m a freelance radio documentary maker, I recently broadcast a jazz documentary on Lyric FM about the ‘Noel Kelehan Quintet’ and am currently working on a documentary on ‘Granny’s Intentions’, a psych/folk group from Limerick, which is due to be broadcast on Lyric Fm in early March 2015. I also do tech op work in Lyric FM at the weekends, I DJ in clubs and pubs and I am a gig promoter, having worked on events such as ‘The Prima Volta’ festival which took place last year as part of ‘City Of Culture’. 

How long have you been a DJ?

Since Christmas 2001. I had started college in Dublin at that time and was getting into buying records with whatever spare money I had. Much gratitude to Paul ‘Charla’ Tarpey for giving me that break all those years ago…

What first got you interested?

Wanting to hear the music that I like getting played out loud!

Type of music you play?

All kinds, I use the premise that I play ‘Future, soulful, electronic beats’ on my radio show, so I like those sounds and I can definitely be found digging in the soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop, afro-beat, disco and Latin crates if I’m in a record shop.

Peter Curtin FINAL 3
Peter Curtin FINAL 4
Peter Curtin FINAL
Peter Curtin FINAL 1
Peter Curtin FINAL 2

Preferred weapon of choice? 

I love vinyl, always will and intend to continue buying it for as long as I can. With work all promos are now digital so I have found myself burning these to CD but I think it may be time to splash out on serato…

Where have you gigged?

In clubs and pubs in Limerick, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Los Angeles, The Electric Picnic (twice) and one time at my cousins wedding…

Where can we catch you next?

You can catch me every Saturday night on SPIN South West from 10.45pm or on the podcast in your own time, or else, keep an eye out for me in Mickey Martins, The Blind Pig or A:Venue. Also, I’ve a new show starting really soon on RTE 2FM, so watch this space.

Words – Olivia Chau

Photography – Tarmo Tulit

Written by fusionmedia1