“Imagining the post human”

Think 1984. Think Blade runner. Think The Matrix. Think Emma Mac.

A highly creative individual with an exceptional mind, as a kid Emma loved sci-fi and was full of imagination. Despite only dabbling in art growing up, it wasn’t until her early twenties she realised that she had to feed her desire to create.

Emma’s work features on the concept of imagining thepost human experience. As you can see, she explores the idea of what the human experience might be like if science and technology passed us out. How human would we be? Would we even recognise our new life forms and what would this mean for our identities?

“Technology is growing faster and faster. New technologies like biogenetics, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and nano technology have immensely in the past few decades grown. They are aiming towards one goal, to overcome human boundaries and create newer, higher forms of life, to create something post human…” states Emma. “By changing our own biology and transforming ourselves, we might stop being purely human and start being part machine or a new species or superhuman. We are going to change colossally, potential for catastrophe.”

With this idea, Emma presents her viewer with the potential dystopian result of these advances on the human experience. Her work takes on many forms from performance to multimedia and she has no end to her inspirations from the world of sci-fi and creatives like David Cronenberg and H.R Giger.

Emma’s art is in distinct contrast with her warm and genuine persona which makes her and her work all the more interesting.Emma isn’t afraid to push boundaries as an artist and present the viewer with raw content to challenge our thinking and get a reaction.

“I just want to awaken people, you know, open their minds to what the future might be like...”she smiled. “I just want a reaction, just freak’em out a little. Science fiction is not science fiction anymore, it’s becoming a reality.”

As far as her future goes,expect Emma’s unique creations to continue to challenge our thinking and one day we will hopefully see her on the movie sets she hopes to work on.

Words – Mairéad Collins

Photography – Tarmo Tulit

Written by fusionmedia1